Second Life

Top In-World Locations

A collection of must-seen Second Life in-world locations with direct teleport links.

If you know of a Location that should be listed here, don't hesitate to send us an email so that we can complete our list.

Sightseeing & Citys
Rome The everlasting city.
USS Enterprise Detailed Creation of the famous aircraft carrier USS Enterprise.
Titanic Recreation of the famous luxury liner.
Japanese Palace Take a walk through the ancient japanese dynasty.
Venice The city of love establishes a perfect Second Life place for socializing ;-)
Amsterdam Worth a sin...
Events & Parties
New Moon Bar One of the best meeting places, especially for the american SL community.
Studio 54 The most legendary club of New York.
Dinosaur Park Meet a djungle full of extincted animals, peaceful and aggressive...
Deep Sea The Second Life Aquarium.
List updated on 18 June 2007
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