Second Life


Review of the most prominent social world Second Life from Virtual Worlds 3D.

Title Second Life
Genre Social World, MMOSG (Massively Multiplayer Online Social Game)
Developer Linden Lab
Price Free Basic account
Premium account for land owners starts at US$ 9.95/month
US$ 7.50/month for 3 months or US$6.00/month yearly
In-World Currency Linden$
Economy RCE (Real Cash Economy)
Status Released
Precondition We recommend broadband internet as user-generated 3D content is heavily loaded while exploring the virtual world

Second Life provides its residents a basic framework for building and socializing a virtual world that has already grown very big and impressive - think of a popular place or thing in the real world and you will most likely find it in Second Life. Because this social 3D world is uniquely qualified in providing a technically high-end and open sourced virtual world also big companies and governments settle down to Second Life to use its possibilities, especially the fact that it is the first world that provides a virtual currency, the Linden Dollar L$, that can be exchanged against real money and therefore opens this world from an economic point of view.

Another big advantage is that residents retain the intellectual property rights to all the things they create, this means you stay the owner of your product like having a patent with which you are able to sell it and make real money.

Anything can be created: Clothes, buildings, anything...
By the usage of the in-world 3D modeling tool primitive shapes are created and assembled to authentic looking things by the hand of creative persons. With the use of the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) you can even build interactive/dynamic objects that for example communicate or change appearance.

If you're not of the building type you may enjoy being creative in designing your avatar (or your land later on) and experiencing, respectively living, the Second Life World.

You start with a basic set of avatar objects: clothing, skin, accessories. You are able to enhance your avatar looking and abilities the way you prefer by purchasing things or just find some of the things that are available for free. Even change your avatar from a humanoid to a furrie or robot, if you like...
If you wonder how to earn money, try dancing a little bit ;-)

You can be a member of up to 15 interest groups (aka: societies, guilds, orgs), an easy way to break the ice with people that share the same interest.

Beside making friends or socializing with your friends, world events take place around-the-clock as in real life. Play games, visit casinos or even educational activities or be the party animal that makes its way from one club dance party to the next...

One big world share takes care of mature content:
As usual on, if you like to know more about the virtual sex support of a virtual world please visit the following website that focuses on this topic:
MMOVSG.NET - MMO Virtual Sex Games

With your free account membership you can do anything, except owning land. To start owning land, you need a Premium Account.

Some short words about using controls as this is a little bit confusing at the beginning:
Use the keys W,A,S,D + mouselook as well as PageUp and PageDown for flying
Hold the ALT key to zoom and move around objects by clicking on them.
Hold the CTRL key for rotation.

Communication is supported with a variety of chat fuctions, the voice feature is actually in beta-phase and therefore expected to come soon.

If you wonder where to start in this world try to visit some of the Second Life Top Locations mentioned here.

Article created on 18 June 2007
Second Life® and Linden Lab® are registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. No infringement is intended
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