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Virtual Worlds 3D

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) including Terms & Abbreviations

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Worlds, especially terms and abbreviations are explained.

If you know of a topic, term or abbreviation that should be listed here, don't hesitate to send us an email so that we can complete our list.

Terms & Abbreviations
Avatar, Av Virtual In-World personification of yourself.
(Originated from Hindu mythology where avatar is the temporary body inhabitation of a god while visiting earth)
Furries 3D avatars that look like animals
GIS Geographic Information System
GPS Global Positioning System
IP Intellectual Property
Some Worlds ensure that you have kind of patent for all items that are created by you, therefore you have the unique right to sell those items as long as you don’t sell the IP or allow someone to act as a reseller. IP is usually given in virtual worlds with Real Cash Economy (RCE).
KML A file format to store geographic data (placemarks) for use in an earth browser like Google Earth or Google Maps.
Landmarks Geographic bookmarks, which can directly teleport you to a in-world location
Metaverse see Virtual World
(Term for Virtual World from author Neal Stephenson)
Model General term for objects in Virtual Worlds.
MMO Massively Multiplayer Online
MMOSG MMO Social Game
MMORPG MMO Role Playing Game
MMORTS MMO Real Time Strategy
MMOVSG MMO Virtual Sex Game
NPC Non-Player Character (bot)
Paraverse see Virtual Earth
Peak Concurrency Number of concurrent avatars at its maximum, provides information about how the world is “really” lived.
Placemark A stored location in the Virtual World for easy revisiting. Similar to bookmarks used for web surfing.
RCE Real Cash Economy: Term for virtual worlds that support a in-world currency that has a real cash value rate.
RL Real Life
Teleport Movement in or to Virtual Worlds, similar to Links used for web surfing / movement.
UGC User-generated Content
Virtual Earth A Virtual World that is geographically based on Earth Data.
Virtual World An umbrella term for all kinds of virtual online spaces that people build-up and where people live in by using avatars.
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