Social Worlds


Virtual Worlds 3D List about all serious Social Worlds that are already available or still in development.

Social Worlds do have the following main characteristics that divide them from Gaming or Web Worlds:

Use of an Avatar as in-world personification instead of a Player Character.

There is no leveling treadmill for reaching the next level respectively to advance with your character. The magic of Social Worlds is that everyone has their own personal goals like:
- having a great circle of friends
- being a rich person
- having the most appealing avatar
- create and sell own virtual masterpieces
All-in-All: Live your real-life fantasies.

An open world without game background or story line that provides its residents only with the framework to experience and build the world

As result: A Virtual World that consists mainly out of resident-created goods.

Use the menu on the right to inform about the Social Worlds that are currently available.

Social Worlds (MMOSG)
Developer RCE Status Remark
Second Life Linden Lab Yes Released -
There Makena Technologies No Released -
HiPiHi HiPiHi Co.,Ltd Planned Closed Beta -
Novoking Novoking Ltd. Co. Planned Private Beta -

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