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Webmaster Programs

Some of the best converting affiliate programs you may want to signup for:

Affiliate Program for Bigpoint Games: Seafight, DarkOrbit, Battlestar Balactica, Farmerama, etc.

Linking to

As alternative to an ordinary text link use one of the following banners / logos linking back to:

Our Logo

Thanks for spreading the word about !

Advertising on

Advertising is possible in the following ways:

468x60 "North Banner" Site Takeover
Complete takeover of the "North Banner" on the whole site including all subpages.
120x600 "East Skyscraper" Site Takeover
Complete takeover of the "East Skyscraper" on the whole site including all subpages.
"Sidebar Advertising" for dedicated worlds
Different Sizes possible: i.e. 120x60, 120x120, 165x65
Placement of a "Sidebar Advertising" on the whole pages of a dedicated virtual world (i.e. Second Life) accompanied by a intro text.

These places will permanently display your advertisement for a definite and selectable period of time (i.e. day, week, month, year) linking back to an URL you specify. Please Contact Us for details and rates.

The following specifications exist:

Maximum file size: 30K
Image types: GIF, JPEG, FLASH
Animation time limit: 15 seconds
North Banner Size: Width = 468 / Height = 60
East Skyscraper Size: Width = 120 / Height = 600
Sidebar Advertising Size: Max Width = 165 / Max Height = 165

All Flash advertisings must be accompanied by a static GIF/JPEG version of the same advertising.

All advertisings must be submitted seven days before the scheduled start so that they can be validated and integrated.