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Virtual Worlds 3D List about all serious Virtual Worlds.

If you know of a Virtual World that should be listed here, don't hesitate to send us an email so that we can complete our list.

Social Worlds (MMOSG)
Developer RCE Status Remark
Second Life Linden Lab Yes Released -
There Makena Technologies No Released -
HiPiHi HiPiHi Co.,Ltd Planned Closed Beta -
Novoking Novoking Ltd. Co. Planned Private Beta -

Game Worlds
Developer RCE Status Remark
Entropia Universe Mindark AB Yes Released -
EVE Online CCP Games No Released -
Dark Orbit Bigpoint No Released Online Space Game
Bigpoint No Released Online Underwater Game
Bigpoint No Released Online Pirate Game
Bigpoint No Released Online Farm Game

Web Worlds
Developer RCE Status Remark
IMVU IMVU, Inc. No Released -
Kaneva Kaneva, Inc. No Released -
Metaplace Areae, Inc. - Alpha Test -

Virtual Earths
Developer RCE Status Remark
Google Earth Google No Released -
Microsoft Virtual Earth Microsoft No Released -

RCE = Real Cash Economy

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