Game Worlds


Virtual World 3D List about the game worlds strongest representatives where player characters face fantasy, science-fiction and anime game worlds.

Game Worlds focus mostly on a role-playing system where your player character (counterpart to the social world avatar) evolves by competing against the world environment (PVE, Player vs. Environment) and its inhabitants or other players in PVP (Player vs. Player) mode. Solving tasks (quests) does also increase your characters status (level) which consists of a variety of measurable parts (strength, hit points, skills, etc.).

There’s often a narrative storyline that is based upon a specific genre like fantasy, science-fiction and anime. Role-Playing games mostly originated from the early pen&paper fantasy non-computer games where your character (whose data was stored on one sheet and appearance was stored in your mind ;-) undergoes an adventure that was created by the game master using a rule book and a monster compendium. does not provide a comprehensive list of game worlds available, we rather report about the strongest representatives of the different game world categories.

Game Worlds
Developer RCE Status Remark
Entropia Universe Mindark AB Yes Released -
EVE Online CCP Games No Released -
Dark Orbit Bigpoint No Released Online Space Game
Bigpoint No Released Online Underwater Game
Bigpoint No Released Online Pirate Game
Bigpoint No Released Online Farm Game

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