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Resident Experience from Ianna Robbiani
Secondlife is just that, a second life. It is far more than a game. There are no objectives. You can work, partner (marry), build, explore, create. You can ski dive, swimm, sale the ocean, visit Africa...take a hot air balloon ride. You can make real friends, create your own social group. You currently can belong up to 25 groups. You can create your avatar and make it as realistic as your video card will allow.. =)))) Your imagination is your only limitation. There are real life universites and business in Secondlife. You can take a class..or have a job, that pays in real life. So much more, I can't even list it all. There are Second life Mentors, who are offical volunteers for Linden Labs. The help and guide residents with in world concerns, problems, etc. I happen to be a mentor, and love it. I own land on a private island. My custom designed Italian villa sets on the coast of the ocean. I am a premium member, but you do not need to be to own land on a private sim/estate/island. Only if you purchase property on the mainland, do you need to be premium. Premium members also receive a weekly stipend of 300 lindens. SO check it out!!!
Experience added on 21st February 2008
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