Review about the virtual world platform Metaplace that provides tools and hosting service for the creation of your virtual web world.

Title Metaplace
Genre Platform for the creation of 3D Chat Web Worlds (Instant Messaging)
Developer Areae, Inc.
Price Unclear
Status Alpha Testing (SignUp closed)
Precondition Unclear

Metaplace will provide kind of Virtual World Making Tools and Hosting Service. Build your own virtual world with multiplayer, basic chat and map features by the use of tools in an easy to understand and intuitive way in just a few minutes These worlds enable people to play games, socialize and create own content.

There's a video that shows a 2-minute virtual world setup in the Metaplace Video Section.

All modern technologies like video, RSS, etc. will be integrable into your virtual world.
Every world gets an unique URL in the format with which this world can be reached, i.e.:

This fact lets assume that there will be a lot of worlds made with Metaplace. To be able to find, respectively interact, with the worlds you are interested the most, there will be a rate, review and tag system which makes your searches much easier.

Your world can be linked to someone else's world by integrating a doorway. You can even use widgets to stick your world into your mySpace or Facebook site.

Article created on 5 October 2007
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