Review about the 3D Web Chat World Kaneva from Virtual Worlds 3D.

Title Kaneva
Homepage www.kaneva.com
Genre 3D Chat Web World (Instant Messaging)
Developer Kaneva, Inc.
Price Free Basic Membership
Status Released
Precondition None

The Kaneva world consists mainly of two types of 3D places where avatars can act respectively interact with each other:
- Community hang-outs that act as public locations (mall, club, …)
- Member homes that can be furnished and used to host parties
There is no overall world, you teleport from one location to the other.

Kaneva provides some sort of MySpace concept that is extended to a 3D virtual world, mainly with features for sharing web content like videos, photos, personal blogging and so on. You can even carry out the 2D profile page content into your 3D virtual world home.

It is a 3D alternative for social networking and has a “rave” called voting system so that members see which places are currently most valuated.

Article created on 24 August 2007
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