Review about the 3D Chat Web World IMVU from Virtual Worlds 3D.

Title IMVU
Genre 3D Chat Web World (Instant Messaging)
Developer IMVU, Inc.
Price Basic Account for Free
Status Released
Precondition None

IMVU can be classified as a sophisticated 3D Chat World compared to 2D chat clients like ICQ. With the use of personalized 3D avatars, customizable environments and a variety of interactions IMVU enables an enhanced way of chatting.

IMVU is no large virtual world with free moving space, movement is limited to 3D room/scene hopping. The IMVU web site and your buddy lists act as the cohesive agent. The earlier set of 3D rooms is called “Locked rooms” where object placement (furniture, etc.) was arranged statically by the room creator, newer 3D rooms provide the possibility for room customization even with own objects.

After you have customized your 3D avatar with versatile options you take a quick tutorial that makes you familiar with the environment.

In chat sessions you are able to emphasize your interaction by the use of modicons (aka emoticons) and setting of your current mood and a variety of moves (i.e. dancing). The chat texts are displayed as balloons. Make use of the adjustable camera for changing the scene perspective.

Members can develop virtual items like fashion objects (clothes, skins, hair and accessories) and 3D scenes that can be purchased by other members for the personalization of their avatar appearance and avatar environments. Each IMVU member receives a personal homepage.

The virtual currency is counted in “IMVU credits” that can be purchased or earned via playing games or visiting the newest products.

Some of the Premium Services (i.e. real IMVU named avatar for producing goods 7 US$, join permission for “restricted area” 19,95 US$) are available after a real payment.

Just fun to use, at least to check out…

Article created on 24 August 2007
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