Google Earth


Review about Google Earth from Virtual Worlds 3D.

Title Google Earth
Genre Virtual Earth, Paraverse, Metaverse, Parallel World, Earth-related Virtual World
Developer Google
Price Free Basic Usage
Status Released
Precondition Broadband Internet due to big amount of image data

Google Earth is a service of the Google Company that allows you to view a virtual globe that is build upon satellite image data and aerial photography.

There is a layer concept with which information is added/mapped to the locations of this virtual globe, i.e. to display street names.

Google Earth is available in the Google Pack (be sure to select its addition).
It's available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
The Google Pack will inform you automatically when updates are available.

Article created on 14 September 2007
Google Earth is a registered trademark of Google. All rights reserved worldwide.
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