Review about the social world There from Virtual Worlds 3D.

Title There
Genre Social World, MMOSG (Massivley Mutliplayer Online Social Game)
Developer Makena Technologies, Inc.
Price Free Basic Membership
Premium membership US$ 9.95 one-time fee
In-World Currency Therebucks
Status Released
Precondition None

There is a social 3D world that is designed for people as of age 13. There therefore attaches importance to a non-violent environment and the prohibition of explicit sexual language and interactions. Every user-generated content is reviewed by the There team through a submission process before appearing in the world, i.e. clothes that make the avatar appear nude.

With the Free Basic Membership your customizable avatar has limited basic skills like using text chat or the buddy list. With Premium Membership you gain full skilling ability like voice chat, club / event hosting privileges, enhanced teleport features and the ability to earn Therebucks.
The in-world currency Therebucks can also be purchased with credit card or Paypal to enhance your avatars clothes, home or vehicle for instance.
There is also the possibility to create and sell virtual items.

The activities in the online world There vary from vehicle races, paintball games, fashion shows, only to name some. Or just hang out or rather increase your circle of friends.

A must reference for solving questions is There's official help site

Article created on 18 June 2007
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