Review about the second upcoming chinese Second Life competitor named Novoking from Virtual Worlds 3D.

Title Novoking
Genre Social World, MMOSG (Massively Multiplayer Online Social Game), chinese
Developer Novoking (Beijing) technology Limited Co.
Price Unclear
In-World Currency Unclear
Economy RCE (Real Cash Economy) planned
Status Private beta test, expected to be open to the public in 2007
Precondition Unclear

Novoking is a second upcoming chinese 3D virtual world beside HiPiHi.
It will act as a social platform where you can express / entertain yourself and make new friends.

The world concept seems to be nearly identical to Second Life with some minor differences:
- The world is not entirely build and owned by its residents:
Novoking starts with a pre-built virtual city including night clubs, bars, etc.
- Residents need to buy virtual land to create own buildings:
In Novoking everyone starts with an own appartement and can later on decide if virtual land is needed to host events and business.
- Will also have a Real cash economy, this means that Novokings virtual currency can be exchanged against real world money.

Content Creation will be possible by the use of in-world building tools where geometric primitives are put together and coated by textures. Behaviours and functions can be added to these objects with a scripting language like the LSL (Linden Scripting Language) used in Second Life. Experienced creators also have the possibility to upload content created with 3DMax or Maya. Each resident retains the intellectual property (IP) of their digital creations which enables the creator to solely sell and trade these creations with other folks.

Profession Examples:
- design content like fashion, jewelry, etc.
- run a Disco, club, etc.
- be an architect
- be a real estate speculator
- be a game developer

The Novoking virtual world has very impressing Novoking Screenshots to offer.

Article created on 05 October 2007
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