Review about the upcoming chinese Second Life competitor named HiPiHi from Virtual Worlds 3D.

Title HiPiHi
Homepage www.hipihi.com
Genre Social World, MMOSG (Massively Multiplayer Online Social Game)
Developer HiPiHi Co.,Ltd
Price Unclear
In-World Currency Unclear
Economy RCE (Real Cash Economy) planned
Status Closed Beta
Precondition Unclear

One of the most interesting projects of this year is the upcoming chinese virtual world HiPiHi. Its planned features are more or less similar to Second Life, therefore it’s handled as SecondLife-Clone with comic-like graphics in the press.

It will be exciting to see how a Second Life concept can work in a Chinese Virtual World with a Chinese Government that is not very liberal with reference to online activities. Especially:
- censorship of political cticism,
- the general possibility to establish an economic system with a virtual currency that has a real money value like Second Life’s Linden Dollar.
- no sex-related content, “only” romance

Due to China’s rigid control a kinder virtual world may rise that is appreciated by women and parents.

As second step a international HiPiHi version is planned expanding the world to non-chinese speaking people.

Article created on 18 June 2007
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