EVE Online


Review about EVE Online, a Science-Fiction focused virtual outer space world with role-playing and real-time strategy features.

Title EVE Online
(Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)
(Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy)
in a Sci-Fi Space Simulation
Homepage Eve Online Website
Developer CCP Games
Economy Virtual (No RCE)
In-World Currency Inter Stellar Kredit (ISK)
Price Free Trial available
$14.95 monthly
Cost reducement by paying for larger subscription intervals is available
Status Released
Precondition None

EVE Online provides a science-fiction based virtual game world that consists of thousands of solar systems in outer space with sophisticated 3D graphics. The world dimension to explore and the things to do seem to be endless.

You explore those systems in role-playing mode. Compared to the regular MMORPG leveling system this game world puts a little bit more emphasize on skill increasement over time. There's an excellent team play and PVP system.

There are different professions like trader, builder, hauler, miner or fighter.

Continuos expansions come up at regular intervals.

EVE Online is a registered trademark of CCP Games. All rights reserved worldwide.
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