Entropia Universe


Review about Entropia Universe, a game-focused virtual 3d world with real cash economy playing in a science-fiction space environment.

Title Entropia Universe
(Massively Mutliplayer Online Role Playing Game)
(Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter)
in a Sci-Fi world
Homepage www.entropiauniverse.com
Developer MindArk AB
Economy RCE (Real Cash Economy)
In-World Currency PED (Project Entropia Dollars)
Fix Exchange Rate: 10 PED equals 1 US$
Price Free: No monthly costs
Status Released
Precondition We recommend broadband internet as user-generated 3D content is heaviliy loaded while exploring the virtual world

Entropia Universe can be classified as a virtual game world based on role-playing (RPG) and first-person shooter (FPS) concepts with a real cash economy (RCE) and the virtual currency PED. The world is build around the main planet Calypso and the game background is based on science-fiction.
Mostly adults occupy Entropia Universe.

You can choose out of three professions:
Hunting, Mining and Manufacturing (Crafting)
Your performance in playing these professions is based on a skill system, the higher your skill level the better you perform.

Hunting - Kill creatures to gain their Loot
Mining – Mine landclaims to gain Mining Probes
Manufacturing - Use virtual items to create and sell your own Creations

All of these loots, mining probes or virtual items have a real cash value.
As a manufacturer or crafter the system works a little bit like a gambling machine: You invest objects like virtual items (manufacturing) that have a real cash value and try to increase its value without influence on the random game algorithm.

Take some time for downloading the 1GB client software as there is only one server providing it at the moment.

Setting up your avatar is really interesting because of the large appearance options you can choose of. Take enough time for your avatar creation as this can only be made once.

When you start you will notice some information desks to get familiar with the game and its navigation.
To earn your first PED there’s an activity called sweating, every attempt takes about 10 seconds, if successful you’ll receive some sweat bottles which you can sell. With that money you can try to kill your first monster that maybe drops some valuable loot.
A good way doing some first steps without the need to spend money
via the ability to transfer money in and out of the world.

The Interface is intuitive and the graphic engine of Entropia Universe is really good, there is no lag even with a larger crowd of people.

Article created on 24 August 2007
Entropia Universe is a registered trademark of Mindark PE AB. All rights reserved worldwide.
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